INN-Reach Integration and Configuration

This document describes how to enable INN-Reach functionality in Pika and the different display options for INN-Reach holdings.

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INN-Reach and Pika basics

Pika has integration with the Sierra ‘INN-Reach’ product, which is an ILL service that allows users to request items from libraries outside their library system that participate in a lending agreement. Enabling the INN-Reach options in Pika must coincide with an agreement with the outside lending service that uses an INN-Reach catalog of materials. There are several options associated with the INN-Reach functionality that will prompt different displays of INN-Reach titles in Pika.

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Configuring INN-Reach in your Pika site

From the Pika Configuration menu, click Library System Settings, open your library by clicking either edit or your library ID number. 

Scroll down to the ‘Interlibrary Loaning’ section of the Library System admin page and open the section menu. 

Open the menu for ‘III INN-Reach & Encore.’

Depending on the name of the INN-Reach service your library uses, you will see the name of that service in the menu title and the menu options rather than INN-Reach e.g. Prospector (III INN-Reach & Encore). 

The ‘Enable INN-Reach Integration’ option must be toggled on to use any of the other INN-Reach options.

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INN-Reach Search and Display options

Repeat in INN-Reach Option

When this option is toggled on the user will have an option in the search bar to search their term in the INN-Reach catalog. If a user chooses the alternate search option, they will be directed to the search results for their search term in the respective INN-Reach catalog.

Show INN-Reach Results at the End of Search Option

When this option is toggled on the user will see INN-Reach records that meet their search criteria at the bottom of the search results page. When a user clicks on the INN-Reach search result, they will be directed out to the corresponding record in the respective INN-Reach catalog. There is also a button to see full search results in the respective INN-Reach catalog.

The logo and the name of the INN-reach catalog will reflect the local library’s INN-Reach service at the end of the search results display. 

INN-Reach display in Full Record View for Grouped Works and Individual Bibs

If the ‘Enable INN-Reach’ integration is toggled on, the full record view for grouped works and individual bib records will display the ‘More Copies in INN-Reach’ section. If the title is held in the INN-Reach catalog, users will see links to the corresponding title in the respective INN-Reach catalog. 

The ‘More Copies in INN-Reach’ section can be toggled off in the library system settings for ‘Full Record Display’ if desired, but will default to being displayed if not specifically disallowed. The option in the Full Record Display section will borrow the display name for the corresponding INN-Reach system. 

Individual Bib

When viewing an individual bib record, the ‘More Copies in INN-Reach’ section will display the same title and format in the INN-Reach catalog.

Grouped Work

When viewing a grouped work, the ‘More Copies in INN-Reach’ section will display all the formats that the respective INN-Reach catalog has for the given title - this may include electronic materials. 

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