Configuration options for the ‘Facets’ section of the Library System and Library Location.

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Facet Configuration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on Searching and Search Facets.


The Facets are located towards the bottom of the Search Facets section.  The facets are controlled by each library. During usability studies, the collapsed facets are used more by people.  Marmot encourages libraries to pick no more than one to have open by default.  

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Show Above Search Results

The Format Category and Available? are configured so they can show above the results. None of the other facets can use the Show Above Search Results option.

Here is an example of the Format category and Available? facets that show above the results.  The Format Category is the icons, and the Available? is a toggle button.

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Facet Display Name

You can click on the dropdown menu arrow to change the Facet, and give the facet a Display Name.

You need to set the display name for each facet.  This can either set it to the name of the Facet or to another name that is more meaningful to your patrons. For example, Literary Form commonly has the display name “Fiction/Nonfiction/More.”

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Other Facet Options

Other facet options are customizable for individual library systems and locations. These are toggled on or off as desired. We suggest that the Show for Authors Searches setting always matches Show on Results Page.

You have the option to only show certain facets on the Advanced Search by toggling on the Show on Advanced Search option on and toggling off the Show on Results Page and Show for Author Searches options.

Here is an example of a library that is using the Available At to only Show on Advanced Search.   The Available At is a little more specific and gives people more details.

You can also Sort, Edit, and Remove Facets.

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Reset Facets to Default

When you click on the Reset Facets To Default button, all your facets will be removed and a default set will be in their place.  

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Copy Library Facets

When you click on the Copy Library Facets button, a new page will drop-down for you to pick the Library whose facets you would like to copy.

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Add New

When you click on the Add New button, it will put a blank facet at the bottom of your list.  There is a drop down menu for the facet and sort. All the other options will be checked except for the Show Above Search Results. You can edit and resort the newly added facet as appropriate.

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