Catalog Enrichment

Configuration options for the Catalog Enrichment section of the Library System and Library Location.

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Catalog Enrichment Configuration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on the Catalog Enrichment tab.

Show Standard Reviews

Show Standard Reviews are reviews either from Syndetics or Content Café.  These reviews include Publisher's Weekly, Booklist Review, and other sources. Standard reviews display under the heading ‘Published Reviews’ in the detail record view.



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Show GoodReads Reviews

Show GoodReads Reviews can be turned on or off.  If your library uses GoodReads, this might be a good option to toggle on. GoodReads reviews display under the heading ‘Reviews from GoodReads’ in the detail record view.



GoodReads reviews may have features common in social media platforms including GIFs, images, and curse words. These will display in Pika if the GoodReads Reviews option is toggled on.

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Prefer Syndetics/Content Café Description

Prefer Syndetics/Content Café Description designates that Pika should prefer the description from Syndetics or Content Café (whichever service your library subscribes to) when there is both a description from Syndetics/Content Café and there is a 520 MARC record. Typically the academics prefer to use the description in the 520 and don’t turn this option on. Most public libraries toggle this option on.



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Show Similar Authors, Similar Titles

Show Similar Authors, Show Similar Titles display readers advisory information from Novelist.  Enabling them will show similar titles and authors in the full record display.


If the ‘Show Similar’ options are toggled on for your library, Similar Series information from Novelist will also display in the full record display if the title is part of a series.

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Show Content Enrichment

The Show Content Enrichment (TOC, Excerpts, etc) are the table of contents, and excerpts that we get from Syndetics or Content Café depending on configuration.


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Enable User Ratings and Reviews

Enable User Ratings are the ratings that are shown throughout the catalog. People generally rate things more than review them. Ratings are used to control a patron’s search suggestions.  The search suggestion comes from ratings and not just reading history, because reading history is not an indicator if you liked something.  You can allow patrons rate items without having them review them.



Enable User Reviews allow borrowers to add reviews to titles.  These can be enabled independently from the ratings.  



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Hide Comments with Bad Words

Hide Comments with Bad Words is used when a patron uses a “bad” word in their comment.  If checked, this feature will completely remove the borrower review from the interface for everyone except the original poster.  If this feature is unchecked, and a “bad” word is used, that one word will be censored and an asterisk used to replace that word. This does not apply to GoodReads reviews.

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Enable User Lists

Enable User Lists is used to allow patrons to create their own lists.  Everyone is encouraged to turn this option on.

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Show Wikipedia Content

Show Wikipedia Content is shown in the author page. The author has to have information on Wikipedia. When you click on the link for the author that information will show. 

Here is an example of a link to the author that will show Wikipedia Content.

Once you click on the link, information about the author will display on the screen above the entry.

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