Configuration options for the OverDrive section of the Library System and Location.

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OverDrive Configuration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on the OverDrive tab.

Enable OverDrive Collection

Enable Overdrive Collection is turned on to enable the Pika integration with OverDrive.

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Shared Overdrive Collection

Shared Overdrive Collection is used to share which OverDrive collection should be included in searches.

Most library systems only have one shared collection, though there are cases where library consortium members might subscribe to a unique OverDrive collection. When this scenario occurs, there might be two options in this field. Contact Marmot’s Pika team to confirm which collection you should set.

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Include Title Options

The Include Adult, Teen, and Kids Titles allows libraries to turn on or off subsets of the collection.  This is mainly used by schools to remove adult-oriented titles. The academics could also use it to remove children’s titles. 

These settings are driven by the target audience determination of OverDrive Subjects as described in the Target Audience Facets documentation, specifically under the Target Audience OverDrive Subjects section.

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Repeat in OverDrive

Repeat in Overdrive option allows patrons to repeat a search in your library’s OverDrive site. This displays as a search source option and will direct out to the search results for the search term in your library’s OverDrive site. This is the main OverDrive site collections for your library.

Note: The Repeat in Overdrive does not need to be toggled on in order to see the subcollections from the Repeat In Alternate Overdrive Libraries section.

Repeat In Alternate Overdrive Libraries

Repeat In Alternate Overdrive Libraries is a list of the alternative OverDrive library codes from the OverDrive URL that you would like to repeat search. Each subcollection option in the list will need to be separated by pipes ( | ). The collections will display in the order they are listed.

In order to find the collection that can be added to the Repeat In Alternative Overdrive Libraries, you will need to go to the OverDrive site for your library. Each collection will have the URL structure of <your OverDrive site address/library/collection name> e.g. marmot.overdrive.com/library/kids .

You would add the collection name listed in the Repeat In Alternative Overdrive Libraries section.


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The following configuration options are fulfilled by Marmot staff and should not be edited without guidance.

ILS Name for Authentication

ILS Name Overdrive uses for user Authentication is the name of the ILS that OverDrive uses to authenticate users logging into their OverDrive website.  

Is PIN required?

Is a Pin Required to log into Overdrive website? is used if users need a PIN to log into the OverDrive website.

OverDrive Advantage Information

Overdrive Advantage Name is used when a library has an OverDrive Advantage account.  Overdrive Advantage Products Key is used when building URLs from the Advantage Account for the API call.

A user with the Cataloging or OPAC Admin roles can access the OverDrive API Information link.  This link contains the OverDrive Advantage Name and OverDrive Advantage Products Key for any library with an OverDrive Advantage account.  This is located under the eContent Info tab. 

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Overdrive Support Address

Overdrive Support Address is for the email address that will receive the support requests from patrons with OverDrive eContent problems. This should direct to a valid email address that is monitored for patron support requests.

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OverDrive eContent Support Form details

The Overdrive Support Address is used in conjunction with the Pika OverDrive eContent support form. Patrons will either access this form from an OverDrive record in Pika or it will be generated when they encounter a download error in OverDrive.

When you click on the link for an OverDrive eBook or Audiobook, this will open up all the editions or source information.  Click on the link for the OverDrive source..

The link for the support form is located under Formats at the bottom.  Click on “this support form” link.

If the person is not logged into their account, the Login box will appear. The person will be prompted to login and click on the Continue button.

The OverDrive Support Request form will appear.  The patron’s name and email address will autofill from their account, as well as the OverDrive eContent title. 

The OverDrive Support Request form also includes a box to fill in the type of device, format, operating system, and an area for the person to describe their issue.  Click the Submit button when finished.

Once the Submit button is used, an email will be sent to the email address listed in the Overdrive Support Address.  The email will include the patron’s home library information.  

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