Library System Configuration

Basic configuration for Library System.

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Library System Configuration Options

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Screenshot of the Pika configuration menu highlighting the library systems menu option

Click the Library Id number, the Catalog URL, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Screenshot of the library systems table highlighting the access links

Each library (or consortium) will have one Default Library for each install and a unique Library Id.

For consortiums, the Default Library is usually the consortium’s interface site. Typically, settings applied to the Default Library that aren’t uniquely set for an individual library system will apply to other library systems e.g. if a library system doesn’t have unique facets set, then they will borrow from the facet settings from the Default Library.

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The Subdomain is the name of your search scope label. Subdomains impact certain elements of a library’s Pika interface, specifically scoping in searches.

Scoped facets will display the Subdomain at the end of the facet. 

The other way to see the Subdomain in use for a search scope is to go to a group work and look at the full record view. Under the Staff View the facets that are scoped will be displayed.

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Catalog URL

The Catalog URL controls the web address for individual libraries' Pika interfaces.

The Catalog URL needs to be set in order to have a unique interface that uses the settings of a library. Any site that does not have the URL set or an URL that is not in the system will fall back to the Default Library.

Only OPAC administrators will be able to set the Catalog URL. The Set Catalog URL button will be at the top of the page. Marmot staff will typically configure these for most libraries.

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Display Name

The Display Name shows up in the breadcrumbs, the search scope dropdown menu, and the browser tab.







Anytime you make changes you need to save them. To save the changes, go to the bottom of the page and click on Save Changes and Return or Save Changes and Stay Here.

The Show Display Name in Header option will put the Display Name in the header. The Show Display Name in Header is typically used if your logo does not include the name of your library or if your library doesn’t have a unique theme.



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Abbreviated Display Name

The Abbreviated Display Name displays in the dropdown search bar menu. If the Abbreviated Display Name field is left blank, the dropdown search bar menu will display the value in the Display Name field.


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System Message

The System Message is typically used to highlight information that you want to bring to your patrons' attention. The System Message will display at the top of your library’s Pika interface no matter which page in the catalog you’re on. This is used for temporary announcements. You can apply formatting and add links, following the Editor Tips that are available here or from the Editor Tips link in the HTML tool.

Here is an example of the Montrose Regional Library District using the System Message to inform their patrons about new hours in their libraries.

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