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Configuration options for the ‘Contact Links’ section of the Library System.

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Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Contact Links contains all the links that will show up in the footer of your Pika site. Click on Contact Links.

Make sure to save any changes by going to the bottom of the page where the Save Changes Buttons are located.

Here are the current social media Contact Links that can be displayed in the footer of your Pika page. Just enter the URL for each social media platform that you want to share with your patrons.

Here is an example of what the information will look like at the footer of your Pika page for some of the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The General Contact Link Url is where you can enter a link to a contact form on your library’s website or start an email to your support address. You would enter it with the mailto: before the person’s email address, or you can link to a contact us page that is on your website.

Here is an example of someone who put the Contact Us page as their link under the General Contact Link Url.

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