Configuration options for the Hoopla section of the Library System and Location.

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Hoopla Configuration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on the Hoopla tab.  Marmot and Hoopla need to configure the records in addition to the configuration in this section for the Hoopla integration to work properly.

Hoopla Library ID

When the Hoopla Library ID is set to zero this means your library does not use Hoopla, or has not been set up to use the Hoopla API integration.  Contact Marmot if you have Hoopla.  Marmot will contact Midwest Tapes to get your Hoopla Library ID and enable the API functionality in Pika.

When the Hoopla Library ID is added for your library, your patrons will see the Check Out Hoopla button.

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Hoopla Settings table

Unique Hoopla Settings will need to be added if your library limits any formats or has a max price for formats that are able to be borrowed.  Click the Add New button.  If nothing is set in this table, then

When the Add New button is used, the Hoopla Format drop down will display all the available format choices. Choose one to start, and use the Add New button to add more formats. Any new format types added by Hoopla will show up in the Hoopla Format drop down menu.

The Hoopla Max. Price can be set to suppress all formats that are the listed max price or higher. The price of zero means there are no restrictions.  The default setting will be zero. 

Setting the Hoopla Max. Price to 0.01 will suppress all audiobooks that are not free.  Also, there are arrows in the price box that allows you to change the price without typing it.

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Exclude and Include Title options

The Exclude Parental Advisory Titles, Exclude Titles with Profanity, and Include Titles for Children only can be used for a school interface for a children’s OPAC or catalog. 

The Exclude Parental Advisory Titles is anything that has a PA warning on a Hoopla Extract Info that is described below. 

The Exclude Titles with Profanity is anything that is marked with a profanity marked on a Hoopla Extract Info that is described below.

The Include Titles for Children only can be used when you only want to show children’s titles. 

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Clear Hoopla Settings

The Clear Hoopla Settings will clear any current settings.  Click on the red circle under Actions to remove individual Hoopla Formats.

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Hoopla Record Information

To view more information about a Hoopla record look under the Staff View for the title, kind, price, active, pa (parent advisory), profanity and children information.  Any title that is marked inactive will not display in Pika. The Hoopla API is queried nightly for any updates to the extract info. If there are changes, that will be reflected in the nightly full reindex.

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