Full Record Display

Configuration options for the Full Record Display section of the Library System.

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Full Record Display Configuration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library System page.

Click on the Full Record Display tab.  This is the information that will show up in the Full Record Display.  

Show Email This

The Show Email This will allow emailing the call number, title and a link to the title to a person’s email account.  These links are available under SHARE located at the bottom of record.

Here is an example of the message a person will get when clicking on the email icon.  If the person picks a specific edition, they will be sent the call number, as well as the title of the item.

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Show Sharing to External Site

The Show Sharing To External Sites includes options for Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Unchecking this unchecks it for all branches. If unchecked, you will not be able to share it to any of those three sites.

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Show QR Code

Show QR Code links back to the catalog. It will show up under Staff View. These can be printed out for patrons to scan to direct them to the catalog.  

Here is an example of the QR Code which shows up under Staff View

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Show Tagging

Show Tagging is something that Marmot encourages you to turn off.  Similar functionality can be accomplished using public lists which are more powerful.  We do have support for it, because there are a number of tags still in the system.



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Show 856 Links as Tab is for anything that shows up in the 856 field. Enabling this functionality will add a Links bar in the same area where Copies and Table of Contents are shown. If the library sets the full record display options as something other than the default, this option has to be enabled to coincide with the full record option for 'links'.  

Here is an example of the Links for a record using the Show 856 Links as Tab.

Here is an example of link display within the copies section when the “Show 856 Links as Tab” is off. 

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Show Check-in Grid

Show Check-in Grid is available for use with Millennium and Sierra systems that have the serials module enabled.  

Here is an example of a library that is using the Show Check-in Grid.

This is what the grid looks like for the patron.

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Show Staff View

Show Staff View can be disabled, if you do not want to see it. The Staff View is located at the bottom of the page for each item.  



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Show Library of Congress Subjects

The Show Library of Congress Subjects will display LC Subject Headings (LCHS) in the Subjects tab on the record view.

Here is an example of the Library of Congress Subjects listed when in the full record view of an item.

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Show Bisac Subjects

Show Bisac Subjects displays standard subject headings that categorize books based on topical content.

Here is an example of the Bisac Subjects by topical content.

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Show OCLC Fast Subjects

Show OCLC Fast Subjects shows adapted Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Here is an example of the OCLC Fast Subjects.

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Show Other Subjects

Show Other Subjects displays other subject headings that are entered in the MARC, such as local subject headings as entered in 690 fields.

Here is an example of Other Subjects.

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Details to show in main/top details section

Which details to show in the main/top details section controls what information is shown up at the top or bottom of the full record display.  If you remove any of the items listed below, they will no longer show up in the full record display.  Instead, they will show up under the More Details tab.  It is your decision about how much information you want shown in the full record display. 


This configuration applies to individual records (not Grouped Works).

Here is an example of an item with the selected details information displayed at the top of the record, as well as More Details.



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Accelerated Reader/Lexile Information

The Show Accelerated Reader Information and Show Lexile Information will default off. You will need to  check the boxes to have this information display in main or top details for the full record view. 

Here is an example of the Accelerated Reader and Lexile information shown under More Details.

Here is an example of the AR & Lexile information showing in the full record view.

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Full Record Options

Full Record Options can change the order of the bars listed in the full record display.  You can also change what is opened or closed by using the Collapse By Default.  These changes are a personal preference for each library.  

You can Sort each Source by dragging and dropping them using the arrows on the left.  The Collapse By Default allows you to show information in a closed or open format. The Actions allows you to delete or edit a source.

Click on the red x in the Actions to delete a full record display option. You can also check the box to Collapse By Default

Here is an example of an item that has the Description, Also in this Series, and More Like this open on default.  The rest of the information is checked to Collapse By Default.



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Reset More Details to Default

The Reset More Details To Default  button will remove any existing settings in the Full Record Display and populate it with the default settings. This is a good starting point to customize the library’s Full Record Options settings.



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