Pika Translation Maps

This documentation describes how translation maps in Pika function, how to edit them, and provides a list of commonly used translation maps.

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Translation Map Basics

The Translation Maps are used to apply labels to actual values.  For example, if we look at the collection, we can see that a collection is a list of locations (eg. as) for Marmot. This means that anything with the value of “as” is translated as Main Collection.

We can use different Translation Maps for different things. For example, If we look at the Translation Map for shelf_location, we can see a list of shelf locations for Marmot. This means that anything with the value of “as” is translated as ASU Nielsen Library.

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Editing Large Translation Maps

Sometimes when a Translation Map (like itype or shelf_location) has more than  a few hundred values, they do not get updated with the current updating tool.  The easier way to update these maps is typically from a CSV file or an INI file.  We can View as INI which allows the list to be copied and pasted into other programs for editing.

Use the Load From CSV/INI to paste information into the box. A coma or equal sign can be used. It will ignore quotation marks.  The Append/Overwrite Values is used if the value of an item changed.  The changed value is overwritten with the new one, or if there is a new itype this would insert it.  Reload Map Values means to delete everything that is there already, and load it again with the items pasted into the box.

Longer lists (200 or more) will get truncated and possibly lost when using Append/Overwrite Values.

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Common Translation Maps



Special Notes




ILS eContent records that have item records.

Used by Marmot and Anne Arundel


ILS eContent records that have item records.


ILS eContent records that have item records.


determines format display in search results and facet

material types for Sierra libraries may be included in this map



defines how item types and format types group into 5 categories

there are only 5 categories that items can fall into; books, movies, eBooks, audiobooks, and music. If values don’t fall into these categories, the translation is left blank. 



the display status of items on grouped works and in search results

this is a more general availability translation. there are a limited amount of translations for this map






Book, Movie, Comic, Music, Young Adult

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