Available Facets in Pika

A list of all the facets that are available in Pika. Notes for each facet include the data points referenced.

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Added In The Last (Scoped)

The Added in the Last facet references the oldest related record within the search scope of a grouped work, which sets the added in the last value(s) for the work. This is based on the date added field within the MARC export as defined within the indexing profiles. If the date added information is not included within the export, Pika refers to the date the record was first detected within Pika.

For more information, please review the detail information for the Added in the Last facet here.

Accelerated Reader Facets

See detailed information in the Reading Level facets.


See detailed information in Audience facets.


The main author of the title (100abcdq:110ab:710a, first field)

Available At 

A list of branches where at least one item is available. Availability is based on information in the indexing profile. Branch is based on information within the indexing profile as well.


Used to drive the toggles at the top of the screen. A general indicator of whether the item is available or not as well as if the item is owned by the active library or location.


A list of awards that a title has earned (based on 586a as well as information within the Lexile export)

Bisac Subject 

Available Subject Facets


The branch that owns the title is based on the location code and possibly the sub-location code as defined within the indexing profile.


Library Specific Collections are based on the collection information as defined within the indexing profile.

This is populated only for titles with items owned by the library or the specific library branch, unless the All Records In Shelving Facets library setting is turned on. If All Records In Shelving Facets is turned on, any title in the search scope with an item collection subfield will populate this facet as well.

The values for this facet come from the item collection subfield setting in the indexing profile and are translated with the indexing profile’s collection map.

Compatible Device 

Device compatibility for eContent. Typically based on format information.

Detailed Location 

The shelf location of the title is based on information defined within the indexing profile.

eContent Collection 

Source of eContent based on the indexing information when sideloaded, or based on the custom information for each library when eContent is loaded from item records within the ILS.

eContent Protection 

Type of protection applied to eContent (deprecated, suggest this is not turned on for libraries in production.)


Available Subject Facets


Form Facets detail information


The format of the title is based on information in the leader, 245, 260, 500, 538, 650, 007, and 008 fields. For additional information see more detailed information about determining format.

Format Category 

A grouping of formats for display with icons at the top of search results. Determination is based on the same information as the Format facet.

The resulting category must be one of the following values:

  • Books

  • eBook

  • Audio Books

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Blank (for no category)

Fountas and Pinnell

See detailed information in Reading Level facets.


Available Subject Facets

Item Type 

The item type is based on the record itype as defined within the indexing profile.


Language and Translation Facets

LC Call Number 

LC Call Number (099a0:090a0:050a0)

  • Local or text = 099 

  • Library of Congress = 090 or 050

  • SuDocs/CoDocs (government documents) = 086

This is really a subject facet. The translation is based on the first letter of LC-style call numbers.

The inclusion of 099 might be a source of error because the 099 are free text call numbers that do not necessarily conform to the first letter subject rules.

LC Subject 

Available Subject Facets

Lexile Facets

See detailed information in the Reading Level facets.

Library System

The owning library for titles is based on location code (989d - for most libraries).

Literary Form

Form Facets detail information

Movie Rating 

The rating from MPAA (521a field)

Publication Year 

When the title was published (264c with indicator 2 = 1, 260c, 0087-10).


The average rating is based on user ratings within Pika

Reading Level 

Reading Level target facet is a detailed or granular value for the Audience facet.


Available Subject Facets

Topics / Subject

Available Subject Facets


Available Subject Facets


Language and Translation Facets

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Search Scopes

In Pika, each library has its own search scope. A search scope represents all the titles that a library’s patrons are entitled to access. Importantly for consortiums, the search scope excludes titles that a library’s patrons are not entitled to access. eg. another library’s eContent collection that is only accessible by that library’s patrons.


  • For each search scope or interface, scoped facet values are populated only with data from grouped works that are included in that search scope and only the related records of the work that are included in that scope.


  • Unscoped facets do not change between scopes and will have the same values when used in any search scope.

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