Preferred Grouping Titles

This documentation describes the logic and process to create a manual Preferred Title Grouping in Pika.

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Preferred Grouping Title

The Preferred Grouping Title will replace every instance of the Source Grouping Title for any grouped work with that Grouping Title, not just for a single grouped work of interest. This is for legitimate variations on a title where records will have one form of the title and some with another form of the title.  Both forms of the title are right and there is not a normalization or cataloging problem.  In that case, there is more than one way to catalog a work, so the Preferred Grouping Title form is used to ensure that both variations of the title group together.

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Under the Cataloging tab, click on the Preferred Grouping Titles link. Anyone with the cataloging role can populate this information into a form that will change the grouping title.  

You can add a new entry or edit an existing entry.

Click on the Add New PreferredGrouping Title button.

Source Grouping Title is the grouping title that should be replaced.  The Preferred Grouping Title is used for the grouping title that should replace the source grouping title. Notes should include information relevant to the grouping title entry. 

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Here is an example of when the Preferred Grouping Titles feature would be used. You have a title that includes a subtitle.  This title and subtitle get normalized.



 Now, you have a title that includes a subtitle in brackets.  That title and subtitle also get normalized.



Both titles are correct.  However, the subtitle with the brackets gets removed, and the titles will not group.  If you use the Preferred Grouping Titles feature the subtitle can be added or removed allowing them to group. 

Clicking on the Edit link will allow you to edit or delete an entry.  Save your changes.



Because the preferred grouping title functionality only comes into play after the normalization of the title text, it is required that you use an existing grouping title for the source grouping title. Taking title text directly from a MARC record is not likely to match the grouping title for that record.

It is recommended that you use the grouping title of an existing grouped work for the preferred grouping title as well.

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Which title to choose for the source grouping title?

This process changes a grouping factor rather than a specific grouping, so it has the potential to affect grouped works unrelated to the grouping you are correcting. Therefore, it is important to choose the title variation that will affect a smaller number of potential grouping titles. In the “where the sidewalk ends” example above, if we had chosen the text “where the sidewalk ends” for the source grouping title, this would have changed the grouping title for the unrelated movie of the same title.




As a general guideline, choose the more specific title text as the source grouping title (This will typically be the longer text as well); and choose the more general title text as the preferred title. (This will typically be the shorter text as well.)

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