Transferring User Lists

This documentation describes the process to transfer User Lists in Pika.

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How to transfer User Lists

Sign in to your Pika account. Click on the My Lists located under the My Account tab.  

This will bring up the ‘My Lists’ page, which contains any user lists associated with your account.  Depending on the permissions associated with your account,  the option to transfer lists will be displayed.  Only library staff will have this option to transfer lists to other library staff.  You will see the Transfer button.  Lists need to be made public in order for them to be transferred.  Click on the Transfer button.  

The Transfer List box will appear.  Enter the barcode of the library staff account from your library that you would like to transfer the list.

If you do not see the Transfer button on any of your lists, go to the My Account tab and click on Account Settings.  If you do not have the Staff Settings tab you will need to update your Sierra account to include the library staff ptype or you need to have permissions assigned to your library account in Pika.    



When viewing the list, you will have to use the Make Public button to transfer the list.

Once the list is public, the button will change to Admin Options.  Click on the drop-down list and click on the Transfer List link. 

You will receive a pop-up box with a warning that the list will no longer be accessible from your account.

You will get a confirmation pop-up message that the list has been transferred.

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