ILS/Account Integration -- Masquerade Mode

Configuration options for the ‘ILS/Account Integration – Masquerade Mode' section of the Library System.

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ILS/Account Integration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on ILS/Account Integration to get to the Masquerade Mode information.

Masquerade Mode

Masquerade Mode is typically only used for libraries that use a Username/Barcode and PIN/Password login scheme. Click on the Masquerade Mode tab.

Allow Masquerade Mode

Click on the checkbox to enable Masquerade Mode for the library system. Masquerade Mode will only be enabled for staff P-types at the library system.

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Masquerade Mode Automatic Timeout Length

Masquerade Mode Automatic Timeout Length is the amount of time before an idle user’s Masquerade session automatically ends. The value is set in seconds. If the value is set to the default value zero (0) then the timeout length is 90 seconds.

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Allow Display of Reading History in Masquerade Mode

Allow display of reading history in Masquerade Mode enables or disables the ability for staff patrons to see patrons' reading histories when Masquerading as a patron. For increased patron privacy, turn this option off.

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Masquerade Settings in PTypes Table

Masquerade Mode settings require settings for certain Ptypes in the Ptypes table.

Users with the OPAC Admin role will have access to this table, but other roles will not be able to see or edit these values.

Ptypes and Masquerade Levels

Access the Ptypes Table from the P-Types option under Pika Configuration.

Find the Staff Ptype that should have Masquerade Mode permissions. Click Edit under the Actions column to edit.

In the form, under the Masquerade Level there are several options to choose from.



No Masquerade

There are no Masquerade Mode options allowed for this Ptype. This is the default option.

Masquerade as Patrons of home branch

Staff Ptype can only Masquerade as patrons that have the same home branch library as the given Ptype.

Masquerade as Patrons of home library

Staff Ptype can only Masquerade as patrons that have the same home library system as the given Ptype.

Masquerade as any user

Staff Ptype can Masquerade as any user or patron, regardless of the given Ptype’s home library or branch.

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