Combined Results/Bento Box

Configuration options for the ‘Combined Results’ section of the Library System and Library Location.

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Combined Results Configuration

Combined Results (or Bento Box) is a search interface that displays search results for multiple sources next to each other. The sources include catalog resources in Pika, EBSCO Discovery Service, Pika Digital Archive, Prospector, and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Pika admins can choose which sources are displayed, the order, and the label.

Once logged in to Pika, go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems

Click on the Searching tab.

Click on Combined Results tab

Check the Enable Combined Results box to enable the functionality.

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Combined Results Label

The Combined Results Label will display as the search source in the search results box.  Checking the Default To Combined Results will make sure the search results default to the Combined Results. The label can be edited to display a search source that is more relevant to users.



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Configuring Combined Results Sections

To add the sources that will be included in the Combined Results, use the Add New button under the Combined Results Sections.

Click the Add New button to add sources to the Combined Results Sections.  The Display Name is blank allowing you to type any text you would like as the label for that box.  The Source has a drop down menu to pick from the available sources.  The Num Results defaults to 5.  This is the number of results that will be show on in that box.  Patrons will also have the option to click a button to see all the results.

Here is an example of the sources configured for the Combined Results Sections.   Under Sort, the arrows are drag and drop to move the sources.  Under Actions, the minus sign is for deleting an entry.

The default for the search is Keyword.  The system will do its best to match any of the other search types.

Here is an example of a search results page from a Combined Results search. 

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