ILS/Account Integration -- User Profile

Configuration options for the ‘ILS/Account Integration – User Profile' section of the Library System.

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ILS/Account Integration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Screenshot of the pika configuration menu highlighting the library systems option


Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Screenshot of the library systems table highlighting the access links

Click on ILS/Account Integration to get to the User Profile information.

User Profile

User Profile controls what patrons are allowed to do with their Pika profile.

Show Scannable Barcode Image

If the Show a scannable barcode image in mobile menu option is enabled, patrons will see a scannable barcode representing their library card number in the My Account section when viewing the catalog on a mobile device. This option works well for libraries that have self-check machines, but also works well as a replacement for a physical card when checking out at the circulation desk.

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Patron Display Name Style

The Patron Display Name Style allows libraries to choose how a patron’s name will appear on their account when logged in. The default option is First Initial. Last Name. The display in the patron account is based on setting option from the patron’s home library system and not the catalog interface they are using.

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Profile Update Options

There are a number of options that you can enable to allow patrons to update their accounts in Pika.

  • Allow Profile Updates

  • Allow Password/PIN Update

  • Allow Patrons to Update Their Address

  • Allows Patrons to Update their Alternate Libraries

Any update options that are enabled will change the patron record in the underlying ILS.

If you load your patrons from a management system, you would typically disable Allow Profile Updates, Allow Password/PIN Update and Allow Patrons to Update Their Address, because there are nightly automatic processes that would override any changes a patron might make. 

You can enable Allow Profile Updates while disabling the update address or password options. This will allow the patron to only change their phone number and email address without being able to update their address or password.

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Work Phone in Profile

The Show Work Phone in Profile displays an additional field for work phone number in a patron's account profile, which can be updated when this is available in the ILS. 

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Treat Print Notices as Phone Notices

The Treat Print Notices As Phone Notices is used when placing a hold. If this option is enabled, Pika will treat any notification preference set to Mail as Telephone instead.

There is no automation for phone notices in Pika. Offering the phone notice option will allow the user to choose to receive phone notices if your library offers that service.

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Show Notice Type in Profile

If the Show Notice Type in Profile is enabled it will allow patrons to change their notification type, such as email or phone calls, in their profile. This depends on your ILS, and how it is configured. It also depends if you want people to change their notification method. 

When enabled, patrons will see the Receive notices by: options in the Contact Information section of the Account Settings page.

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Allow Patrons to Update their Preferred Pickup Location/Home Branch

The Allow Patrons to Update Their Preferred Pickup Location/Home Branch option is a feature that depends on the ILS.

When enabled for Sierra libraries, this option will change the patron’s home branch in Sierra if/when patrons update their preferred pickup location. Do not enable this option if you do not want to allow your patrons to update their home library in Sierra.

Here is an example of a library that allows their patrons to update their pickup location. This information is listed in the Account Settings in the Contact Information section. 

When the patron updates their pickup location, the home library field is updated in Sierra. When the patron places a hold, their home library/preferred pickup location will be their default pickup location and display as the first option in the list of pickup locations when placing a hold.


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Maximum Fine Amount

The Maximum Fine Amount to Allow Account Updates allows library staff to set a fine amount that will block patrons from changing their account information. The maximum fine amount default setting is $10.00. 

Disable this option by setting the dollar amount to zero. If this is disabled, patrons with fines in any amount will be able to update their profile.

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