ILS/Account Integration -- Logins & Barcodes

Configuration options for the ILS/Account Integration – Logins and Barcodes sections of the Library System.

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ILS/Account Integration

Go to Pika Configuration and Library Systems from the left sidebar.  

Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.

Click on ILS/Account Integration to get to the Login information.


Click the Login tab.

The Show Login Button will let you show or not show the Login button.  For example, some elementary schools do not want their students to login to Pika.  They can use the catalog, but it is a read only view.  They will not have access to their account information.  Whether you show the Login button depends on your policies.

Prevent Login for Expired Cards will return an error message on login when a patron’s card is expired.

Here is the message the patron will see when they try to login with an expired card if the Prevent Login for Expired Card option is toggled on.

The Login Form Username and Password Label lets you customize the labels for login information that people will see.




Here are a few examples of login pages where the text was changed.




The Hide Email Reset Password Link option will hide the link in the login pop-up window which allows patrons to reset their password via email from your library’s Pika interface.

Here is an example of the login window with the link enabled (left) and with the link hidden (right).



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The Barcode Information works in conjunction with Logins. Click the Barcode tab.

If you have a set of standard barcodes that all follow the same pattern, you can enter your Min Barcode Length and your Max Barcode Length.  You can also put in your Barcode Prefix. Put in the barcode length and prefix will make it so patrons do not need to type the first part of their patron barcode.

The other place that Barcode Prefix is used is with schools who load barcodes based on their management system. In a consortium, you may have barcodes for schools that could conflict with each other.  At Marmot, a two letter code is used to differentiate the barcodes for these schools.

Here is an example of a school that has a two letter Barcode Prefix. If the student forgot to put the “es” when entering their barcode to login, Pika would still allow login.

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