Spine Labels

Sierra print templates can be used to print single labels or sheets. They can be customized to include specific information, or for various formats.

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Using print templates requires that Marmot turn on the feature. This will turn off the standard Sierra spine label printing system. The two cannot be used at the same time.

You also have to turn on print templates in Sierra Settings for your login. In Settings you select the Print Templates tab, choose Spine Labels from the Output Type pulldown, and check the box next to Use Print Templates.

This will turn on access to all the templates in the system. You could access and use other library’s templates, but since they are likely to have different printing equipment, you are probably going to have to create your own. If you do have access to deleting templates, do not delete templates belonging to other libraries.

From here you can move the templates relevant to this login over to Preferred Templates to make them accessible. You also have the option of selecting a single template in the Select Template pull down. This is useful if there is a single template that this login always uses, and you don’t want to be asked which one to use. This feature works the same as record templates.

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