Rapid Update

Rapid Update is a feature that allows you to make changes to a large number of records. It is similar to Global Update but it has some different features.

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Rapid Update requires Marmot to turn on permissions. If you are unable to access a function here, please contact us and we will modify your permissions.


There are three different ways to use Rapid Update.

  • Update Due Date

    • This is only used to change the due date on a list of items to a specific date

  • Update Single Record

    • This allows you to insert non-MARC fields or change fixed fields in a single record. You can use the record number or barcode to identify the record.

    • If you do this with barcodes, you can scan barcodes to quickly make changes to many records. This can be useful if you can’t get the records into a review file.

  • Update Multiple Records

    • This allows you to insert non-MARC fields or change fixed fields in records from an existing review file.

    • This function is similar to Global Update.

The largest difference between Update Multiple Records and Global Update is that Global Update has a preview feature that allows you to see the changes that are going to happen before you make them. Update Multiple Records does not allow you do see what will happen. This safeguard is a reason to favor Global Update unless there is a function only available in Rapid Update.

Another limitation of Rapid Update is that it can only insert an entire new field. It cannot make a change to an existing field. Also it can only insert a fixed field, or a non-MARC field. It can replace the MARC leader, but you would have to set all the fields in the leader. It will not just replace a single leader bit.

Setting the options

  • Select Rapid Update Options in the Tools menu in the Rapid Update function.

Update Due Date

  • Select the review file with the records you want to change.


  • Double click the Value field

This will bring up a calendar where you can select the date that all the due dates will change to.


  • You have now set up the command which will be implemented on all the records.

  • Press Start to make the changes

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Update Single Record

  • Select “Update Individual Record” from Tools


  • First select the field you want to change and put in the value you want the field changed to:


  • This fills in one command to be performed on the records


  • You can insert multiple commands that will be performed on each record

  • All these commands will be performed


  • If you uncheck the “Use Same Data” box, that command will not be performed on the next record. You can turn it on again for the record after that.


  • Now enter the record number and click Submit


  • You can also enter a barcode and click submit (or press Enter)


  • The changes are listed under History


  • You can now go back and insert another record number or barcode to make the same changes to another record.

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Update Multiple Records

  • Set Rapid Update Option to Update Multiple Records.


  • Now select record type, and an existing review file


  • Insert the Field you want to change and the Value you want to insert


  • Put in as many changes as you want. They will all be applied to all the records in the review file


  • Once all the commands are set, press Start to make the changes

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