Exporting MARC files

This is the process to export a file of MARC records from Sierra.

Table of Contents

Create a File To Export

  • Use Create Lists to create the set of records you want to export

  • You also have the option of removing records individually from the list with Create Lists or Global Update

Data Exchange

  • Select the Data Exchange function in Sierra


  • Select the process called Output MARC records (out)


  • Click the button labeled Create C. The pop up will say (C) Pika export

This is the default record export on MLN1. It will include item and order records. Exactly what information is exported is listed here.

  • Note: The file will only include order records from your account unit. It is not possible to export order records from more than one account unit.

The other export buttons were created for special projects. None are currently in use.

  • Select Review


  • Find your review file from the list


  • Name your file whatever you want

Note: You cannot control the file extension. Sierra will always output the file with a .out extension. You can change this when you put the file on your computer.


  • Click Start


  • Wait for Sierra to process


  • You will get a report like this, click Close


  • A file will be created. Double click on Last Modified to bring the new file to the top of the list.


  • Select the file and click Put PC


  • Save the file where ever you want on your computer.

Note: this is where you could change your file extension, or you can change it after it is saved on your machine.


  • Now you have a file of MARC records on your computer.

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