Dummy Records for On Order Bibs

This is a process to add dummy item records for newer items, where there are orders existing on the items. When libraries bring in records with a status of on order, no one but that library’s patron can place a hold on the item. This is a process to create a work-around where patrons can continue to place holds on these items as title level holds. Whenever a library is the first to add an item record, they will need to add a dummy record with a special itype in order for holds to be allowed for all patrons.

First step will be to put the MDLDummy template in your Preferred Templates. Go to Admin, Settings, Record Templates. Make sure the Record Type is ITEM. Search for the template from the Other Templates. Highlight the template, and click the arrow to move it to the Preferred Templates.

Once the MDLDummy template is in your Preferred Templates, click Save Settings and OK.

Go to Catalog from the Function menu.

Search for the title of the bib.

Once you find the title, click on the Attach New Item button.

This should prompt for the New Item Options box. Make sure Single Item is used. Click OK.

If you have multiple record templates, the Select Template screen should appear. Highlight the MDLDummy template, and click Select. If this is your only template, it will prompt for that template automatically.

It is important to use this template because it has the ICODE2 of d Dummy Item, ITYPE of 28 On Order (Holdable to ALL). It will also have the Location of mdlh mdl Holdable Dummy Item, the Status of q On Order and the Agency of 100.

Click Save, and Close.

Here is the view from the Catalog Function.

Here is the view from the Search/Holds Function.

Note: Another part of this new workflow will be that Marmot will remove these items about three months after they are created.

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