Spine Labels, Sheets (Print Templates)

Sierra print templates are able to print to sheets of labels on a laser printer.

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Printing to a sheet of labels requires a print template designed for this purpose. There is a template on the server called Sheet1 that will work for an 8.5x11 sheet with 4 labels across and 20 down. That template can be copied and modified to create a template for a different sheet setup. Information on setting customizing a template is here


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Queuing labels

To print onto a sheet, you have to add the call number to a queue that you will print after you get a whole sheet of numbers ready to print.

Managing the queue can only be done with an item record open.

From the item screen pull down the Tools menu, select Queue Spine Labels to Print. Then you can select one of 9 separate queues available to add this call number too.

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Printing a queue

To print a call number queue you have to have an item record open. Pull down the Tools menu. Select View Spine Label Queues.

Warning: Spine label queues are always emptied when you quit Sierra. You have to print the labels before you quit, or the queue will be lost.

Once you have some labels queued up the view looks like this:


From here you can get a print preview


If you have already used some of the labels on the sheet, you can set a number of labels to leave blank


Six blank labels would come out like this:


Click Print to actually sent the labels to the printer


Select the right printer, and click Print again on this window


Check that the labels came out correctly, if so you can clear the queue here

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You can have up to 10 separate queues, but since they empty when you quit Sierra, you are not likely to need more than one.