(K) Load b & o, match on i - 020 & 001 [acq2]

  • This profile is for loading order records from vendors

  • The label in Data Exchange is (K) Load b, o & i match 020 & 001 [acq2]

  • On the Sierra server it is called m2btab.acq2

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Bib and order records will be created.

Match on the BIB UTIL number, then 020a only if there are no BIB UTIL matches, then match on 024 if there is no 020 match.

If a BIB UTIL match is found 020a is ignored.

If a 020a match is found 024 is ignored.


/^999||t|0|10| | |0|n|G|0|#com="ov"@ov_tag="o:i(020)v"i(024)j"
  • 0 matches: Insert new bib

  • 1 match: match and attach

  • 2 matches: Insert new bib


|||0|0| | |0|n|G|0|@ov_action="a"

Variable (retain both incoming and target data)

  • Field group: h LIB HAS

  • Field group: k TOC DATA

    • MARC tags: 970, 971

  • Field group: m LOAD NOTE

    • MARC tags: 995

  • Field group: n NOTE

    • MARC tags: 583

  • Field group: y MISC

    • MARC tags: 948, 958

Variable (retain only target data, ignore incoming data)

  • Field group: v LOCAL INFO

    • MARC tags: 590, 690, 691, 856 (only if target field contains “|2pika”)





Bib: tapeb

Item: mdlholddum

Order: _o

The template settings only take effect if that field is not defined in any other way by the record load.

Templates only effect fixed fields when loading records with load profiles.

Prompting for fields does nothing when loading records with load profiles.


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