Turn On the Touch Keyboard Option

This article will show you how to turn on the built-in touch keyboard option in Windows.


  • Make sure the computer is not frozen using a product like DeepFreeze.

If you’re not certain how to thaw DeepFreeze, or what this even refers to, contact the Marmot Help Desk, or see the instructions HERE. Reminder: you’ll need to refreeze the machine (re-enable DeepFreeze) after you finish. Instructions for that are in the same article.

  • Left-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar (usually located at the bottom of the screen)

    • Left-click on the cogwheel icon, to open Settings

      • Left-click on Devices

        • In the left-side menu, left-click on Typing (highlighted below, in yellow)

        • The slider buttons which control the activation of the touch keyboard are at the bottom of the Typing window (Circled in red, below). You’ll want to turn both options On.

  • Close the Settings menu/screen, using the red “X” icon its upper-right corner