PC Reservation Troubleshooting Guide

Below are the most common issues with PC Res.

If you are not able to resolve the issue, please call the Marmot Help Desk or open a Service Request.

  • Before calling or opening a Service Request, try the steps listed below.

  • When calling Marmot, please have as much information as possible to help with troubleshooting.

    • Which machines are affected.

    • What, if any, messages are there.

    • What troubleshooting steps have you taken.

    • How long has this been happening/when did this start

    • Have there been any changes or other issues (internet outages)

Table of Contents

Public Machines Showing Offline

If all public machines are showing offline:

  • Internet may be down

  • If internet is not down, check the network connection

    • Is the Ethernet cable plugged in?

    • Is the Ethernet cable secure on both ends?

    • Is there a switch the machines are plugged into?

      • Is the switch powered on?

  • Call Marmot to restart PC Res Services

Public Machine Showing “No Equipment Record”

  • Call Marmot so they can add the machine to PC Res.

Public Machine Showing “Out of Service”

  • Click on View PC Status

  • Select the machine that is showing “Out of Service”

  • Uncheck the Mark as Out of Service box

  • Click Finished to exit

Not able to log in using Library Card

  • Contact Marmot

Not able to log in using Guest Passes

  • The passes are old and new passes need to be made

  • Dispose of old passes

  • It is recommended to put the expiration date on the back of the Guest Pass.

Printers Not Showing on Patron Machines

  • Reboot patron machine

  • Contact Marmot if that doesn’t fix it

Patron Machines Shutting Down During Session

  • This could be due to inactivity on the patron’s part.