Change Your Windows Login Password

This is the password used to log into your computer itself, not Sierra, and not your email.

To prepare for this, you need two things:

1) The old password – if you don’t have this, please call the Marmot Help Desk to help you through the process.  We will have to give you a new temporary password.

2) Your new password

For security purposes, this should never be a simple password, such as your zip-code, birth date or even the same as your login user name.  If your library district has a password convention, be sure to follow that.  Otherwise, Marmot recommends a password at least 8 characters long, containing both letters and numbers, as well as at least one capital letter.  Best practice would be to also include a “special character” such as !, #, $, %, ^, or ?.  Do not put your password on a sticky note on the computer, monitor, or under the keyboard, or anywhere visible!  These are the keys to all of your private information, as well as every patron or member of a Marmot Library!


  • When you have both passwords ready, log into your Windows profile using your current credentials (user name and password).  Then press the following 3 keys all at the same time: 

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

  •  This will bring up a new screen with several options on it.  You want Change Password, which is typically the 4th one down.  Click that, and you’ll be presented with a set of instructions requiring you to enter the old password, then the new one twice. 

  •  Once you have entered all of the required information, left click on the arrow at the end of the Confirm New Password blank, or press Enter.  You should be presented very quickly with a message indicating that your password has been changed.  If you are not, please call the Marmot Help Desk for assistance.