Public Laptop Procedures

This document describes the procedures for performing a reset on checkout Windows laptops

Table of Contents

Lost Devices Procedure

If you have a lost or stolen device that needs to be located, Please open a ticket or call the Marmot Helpdesk and we will start that process.

AutoPilot Reset Instructions

After the laptop is checked in, Follow these steps

  1. Plug the laptop into power and network at the laptop cart and power it on.

  2. At the login screen, press “Ctrl+Windows Key+R” and the following screen will show

  3. Enter your the assigned site-specific credentials and press Enter.

The message “Autopilot Reset ran into trouble. Could not find the recovery environment” (as seen in the screenshots) can be ignored if it shows. Please open a ticket with Marmot if you receive errors other than this.

4. The computer will reboot and you will see the following screens while the AutoPilot Reset takes place:

NOTE: The process can take an hour or more and will reboot multiple times during the process. Please leave the computer plugged into power and network until the process is complete.

5. When the machine is back at the login screen, use the site specific username and password to log in for the first time. It may give you a message that the AutoPilot reset has been complete.

6. As a test to see if the Autopilot reset has worked. Login to the Guest profile and see if you can open an Office application. If you can the process is complete.

7. If there are no issues, Reboot the machine. It will be ready for checkout to the next patron.

Please contact the helpdesk if you have any issues.

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