Count Use Functions (Sierra)

The Count Use functions enable you to collect in-house usage statistics for library materials that do not circulate. For example, you might choose to collect usage statistics on items found unshelved among the stacks, items left by a copy machine, or non-circulating items that are part of a special collection.

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The system enables you to count usage in the following ways:

  • You can count item use in three categories: internal use, copy use, item use 3, and portable reader.

    • These categories correspond to the INTL USECOPY USE, and IUSE3 fixed-length fields in item records.

  • You can count the number of photocopies made of an item by using the COPY USE field in item records.

Incrementing Item Use Counts

To increment item use counts by scanning item barcodes, perform the following steps:

 Choose one of the following from the Function list, depending on the field you want to update:

  • IUSE3 (County Use - Item Use 3)

  • INTL USE (Count Use - Internal Use)

  • COPY USE (Count Use - Number of items that have been photocopied)

  • Note: the Portable Reader (Count Use  - Portable Reader) has special instructions listed below.​

  1. Scan or type the item(s) barcode.

  2. Reshelve the item(s).

  3. The number of Count Use transactions now displays in the item(s) record. The Count Use transaction numbers are not included in the regular checkout statistics but appear in the Internal Use statistics box. 

  4. The system updates the records when you switch to another function or choose the Close icon.

Run a review file looking for the records that have the count use you used when you scanned your items (IUSE3, INTL USE, COPY USE), and a count greater than zero.

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Removing Count Use Each Year

Global Updates can be used to remove count use numbers from item records at the end of a fiscal or calendar year. See Global Update Clearing Count Use Numbers from Item Records.

 Count Internal Use with Circa Wireless Assistant (barcode)

The Count Internal Use function for the Circa Wireless Assistant (barcode) product enables you to count in-house item use from your wireless device.


To count in-house items use with Circa Wireless Assistant (barcode):

Access for MLN1 libraries

Access for MLN2 libraries

 Circa's Count Internal Use function. Circa displays the Count Internal Use scan barcode screen. For example:

  1. Scan the item's barcode.

  2. Choose Submit.

  • If the system is able to update the in-house usage count, Circa displays the Count Internal Use success screen showing the barcode and title data of the item counted.

  • To continue using Circa's Count Internal Use application, scan another barcode.

  1. To exit the application or your Circa session click the icon shown below.​

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Incrementing Item Use Counts from a Portable Reader

To increment item use counts with a portable barcode reader:

  1. Use your portable barcode reader to create one or more files containing the items' barcodes.

  2. Upload the count file to the PC from the portable barcode reader. Be sure to note the file name and location.

Because there are a variety of barcode reader manufacturers, the method of creating and uploading the count file varies. 

  1. In Sierra, choose Count Use - Portable Reader from the Function list.

  2. Select the Process File button.

  3. Use the Select File(s) to Process dialog to select the file(s) you created and choose Open. The system processes the selected files, then displays the number of files processed and the number of items updated.

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