View Review File Information (Global Update)

Global Update is part of the cataloging workflow in Sierra.  Some information from a Create Lists review file can be viewed quickly using Global Update without having to export the information to Excel.  

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Global Update View Review File Information Process

Go to the Global Update from the Function drop-down menu.

The Select records screen will appear.  The BIBLIOGRAPHIC box will automatically be checked.  Uncheck this box unless viewing Bibliographic records.

Click on the box next to the record type you would like to view.  In this example, we are using ITEM.  Change Index to Review from the drop-down menu.  With ITEM checked, you will only see lists of items in the pull-down.  If you want to see fields from item records you have to start with a list of items from Create Lists.

Look for the review file by either using the drop-down menu or typing the review file number.

Once the review file has been selected, the information in the file can be viewed using toggles.  Right-click under the review file to bring up the Toggle box.  This will show the choices of viewing items by Variable-Length Fields or Fixed-Length Fields. 

Another way to open the toggle is to click on Tools and Toggle to bring up the Variable-Length and Fixed-Length Fields choices.  

Clicking on the links for either the ITEM Variable-Length Fields or ITEM Fixed-Lengths Fields will show all the available fields that can be used to view the item information for the records in the review file.

We have toggled to the Item Fixed-Length Field of IType.  Once the field has been chosen, the information will be sorted by that field.  The entries will show how many items are in each IType.

Note: Anytime there are items that do not contain the information from the toggled field, those items will show up at the top as a blank line.  This is a good way to check for mistakes in your records.

To see more information about the items for each IType double-click on the link.  This will display all the items for that IType.  Clicking on the individual item will open up the item for viewing or editing.  Double click on the link again to shrink it.                   

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