In Transit Too Long Report and Create Lists Import Barcodes (Sierra)

Marmot Library Network has created an In-Transit Too Long report that shows members what items have a status of In Transit.  This report can be used in conjunction with the Sierra importing barcodes process to get the item barcodes into a Create Lists review file.  

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In Transit Too Long Tableau Report

Here is a link to the Marmot In Transit Too Long Report

  1. The report lists the Agency, Best Title, Barcode, Call #, In Transit Since, Price, and library location code.

  2. The report has limiters to find items by a date range, Agency and Itype

  3. The report only shows a limited amount of agencies.  To see your agency, you may need to use the scroll bar.

  4. This symbol is to export this report into Excel.  Once in Excel, the barcodes can be copied into a review file in Create Lists using the Create Lists – Importing Barcodes process.

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