Check Out (Circulation Desk) Item on the Fly (Sierra)

Check Out (Circulation Desk) Item on the Fly

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During Checkout

During check out, scan the barcode of an item to be checked out.

If the item is not in the system, an Item-on-fly pop-up box will appear.  Type the title of the item to start the creation of a temporary record. 

Find the bibliographic title to create the temporary record.  Highlight the item, and click Select.  Double-clicking on the title of the item will work as well.  

This might bring up a group of record templates under the Select Template.  Choose the Item-on-fly template, if available.  This template will generally prompt for fields that will allow staff to know the item needs to be cataloged when returned.  A default record template can also be used.  Click Select.

Another way to prompt for the Item on the Fly template is through Admin, Settings.

Click on On-the-fly Records.  You can change the Item: from Prompt for template to the actual On-the-fly template if one has been created.

The information for each white box may be filled out depending on the set-up for the template chosen for the item.  Choosing the Item-on-fly template should have the IMESSAGE with f ON THE FLY.  

Click Save when finished.  This will put the item on the patron’s record.

The IMESSAGE may display on the screen if part of a record template.  Click OK to finish the process. 

The item should be on the patron’s record.  At this point, you can Add Message or Change Due Date.

Adding a message will add it to the item only.  This message might be helpful to staff when checking in the item. 

Here is the message staff would get during check-in.  

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Removing a message from an item

The message will remain on the item until it is removed.  To remove the message, find the item through Search/Holds.

Scan the barcode of the item.

Double-click on the item to bring up the record for editing.

The View can be changed from h Hold to i ITEM.  Click Select to open the record for editing.

At the bottom of the item record will be the MESSAGE field.  Put the cursor on the line to be deleted.  Right-click to bring up the Delete Field to remove the message.  Another way to delete the message is to highlight the line and press Delete on the keyboard.

Click Save & Close to save any changes to the item record.

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