Remove Records from a Review File (Global Update)

A review file of records has been created using Create Lists. You have reviewed the information using the View Review File Information (Global Update).  Within the review file are some records that you do not want to change.  Those records can be removed from the review file while in Global Update.

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Removing Records from a Create Lists Review File Using Global Update

Go to the Global Update Function in Sierra

The Select Records tab is the default window in Global Update. 

You will have to find your Create Lists review file.  You can do this by changing the Index drop-down menu to Review.

Depending on the record type for your review file, you can leave it Bibliographic, or change it to another record type.  We are doing to use Item.

Hint: you can type the number of the review file in the box, or use the drop-down menu to search for it.

The default toggle search is always Barcode.  If you clicked the Search button, your list of records will be in barcode order. Note: any records that do not match your search toggle will be shown at the top. In this example, there are two records with no barcodes.

We are going to change the toggle by going to Tools and Toggle. The Item Variable-Length Fields or Item Fixed-Length Fields can be chosen to organize the records.

In this example, we are going to use the Item Fixed-Length Field of Status.  The toggle has changed from Barcode to Status.

If you use the toggle feature to view a different data field from the records in the review file, the Remove Record from the List command, and the Remove icon link becomes disabled (grayed out). 

Click the Search button to refresh the screen and Sierra enables the Remove Record From List and Remove icon link.

This review is a list of missing items.  However, you will see that four of the items have the Status of On Shelf.  We want to remove these records from our review file. Make sure, only the items you want to remove from the Create Lists are checked.  Click the Tools and Remove Record From List or the Remove icon link. 

The records left in the Create List review file are the records with the Status of Missing. The On Shelf titles were removed from the original review file in Create Lists. 

There might be times when you do not want to process everything in your review file, and you do not want them removed.  You can do this by unchecking anything you do not want to be changed with a Global Update.  Anything unchecked will not be changed and will remain in the review file.  You can even drill down to the list of specific items to not make changes. In this example, we would only be making changes to the Book New itype that is checked.  

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