Agency Table (Admin>Parameters>General - Sierra)

This documentation explains the functionality and data elements of the Agency table.

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Agency Table Overview

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

The Agency Table contains a file that lets Marmot group library's locations and branches into agencies. The system uses agencies in the following ways:

  • As values in the AGENCY fixed-length field in item records.

  • As values in the PAT AGENCY fixed-length field in patron records.

  • The Hold Pickup Location table determines the order to fill holds.

  • Generate the Collection Development Report and Age of Collection Report in Web Management Reports.

You can also find this report from the Sierra Desktop Application (SDA)

Reports and Web Management Reports in Sierra
View the Agency Table by going to Admin, Parameters, General, and Agency in Sierra

Entries in the Agency file contain a single data element:






A descriptive name of up to 32 characters. At multi-lingual sites, the system repeats this element for each language enabled on your system.

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