Statistical Group Maintenance Table (Admin>Parameters>Circulation - Sierra)

This documentation explains the functionality and the data elements of the Statistical Group Maintenance table.

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Statistical Group Maintenance Table Overview

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

View the Statistical Group Maintenance Table by going to the Admin, Parameters, Circulation, Statistical Group Maintenance in Sierra

Functionality Information

The Statistical Group Maintenance table associates each statistics group with a specific name and location.

The system displays these names in the following places:

Record Summary for fixed-length fields in Sierra highlighting the IN LOC and OUT LOC fields

The Statistical Group Maintenance table contains the following data elements:






The statistics group number to which your library or branch name is associated.

Statistic Group Name

The name that is associate with the statistics group specified in the Terminal element.

Marmot staff will enter this information into the system for your library.


The two or three letter location code from the Branches table that you want to associate with the statistics group.

The location assigned is one that you use in the HOME LIBR fixed-length field in patron records.

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