Material Types Table (Admin>Parameters>General - Sierra)

This documentation explains the functionality and data elements of the Material Types table.

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Material Types Table Overview

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

View the Material Types Table by going to Admin, Parameters, General, and Material Types in Sierra

The Material Types table defines accepted values and their corresponding meanings for material type codes. These codes are stored in the MAT TYPE field of the bibliographic record.

Functionality Information

When viewing the Material Types table, note the following:

Maximum Number of Entries

  • The Material Types table can contain a maximum of 500 entries.

  • Marmot staff enters these codes into the system for your library consortium.

Data Elements

Entries in the Material Types table contain the following data elements:

Tip: highlight the entry and click on the View icon to see the Material Types information.






A one- to three-character code for the material type. Codes can contain lowercase alphabetic and numeric characters. Punctuation characters are not supported.


A descriptive meaning of up to 25 characters (for example, "book/serial" or "large print").

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