Language Preference Table (Admin>Parameters>Circulation - Sierra)

This documentation explains the functionality of the Language Preference table.

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Language Preference Table Overview (MLN1 Libraries Only)

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

View the Language Preference Table by going to Admin, Parameters, Circulation, Language Preferences in the Sierra

The Language Preference table lists the codes for the languages in which you can generate patron notices and receipts.

Preferred Patron Languages

At multi-lingual sites, the Preferred Patron Language feature enables you to assign a preferred language in the LANG PREF field of the patron record. You can then generate certain types of circulation notices and receipts in a patron's preferred language.

When you prepare circulation notices for a patron who has specified a preferred language, the system translate the notice's content into the patron's preferred language using the alternate language Notice Text and Subject Text elements in the Text of Circulation Notices and the Email Subject table. If the LANG PREF field is empty or does not contain a valid value, the system generates notices in the language assigned to your login.

If you wish to have your patrons receive circulation notices in Spanish, please coordinate with Marmot staff. Contact Marmot staff to learn more.

Default Language for Auto Notices

For auto notices, if the LANG PREF field is empty or does not contain a valid value, the system uses the auto notices default language rather than the language assigned to your login.

Assigning a Default Language to Auto Notices

  • The system generates auto notices in the preferred language of the patron for whom the notice is generated. When the patron record does not specify a preferred language, the system generates the notice in English as the default language for auto notices.

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