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This documentation explains the Hold Thresholds table's functionality and data elements.

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Hold Thresholds Table Overview

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View the Hold Thresholds Table by going to Amin, Parameters, Circulation, Holds Thresholds in Sierra

The Hold Thresholds table specifies the conditions under which a title appears on a High-Demand Holds report. When you generate the report, the system consults this table to determine whether the number of holds on a title meets the threshold for inclusion in the report, based on the title's hold pickup location and material type.

Note: the system uses the ratio of holds to requestable items to determine a title's eligibility for the High-Demand Holds report, not the sum of all holds on a title.

Functionality Information

How the System Applies Thresholds to Titles

  • The system includes a title in the High-Demand Holds report when all of the following are true:

    • The hold's pickup location matches the Pickup Location element if you prepare a Selected Pickup Locations Report.

    • The title's MAT TYPE fixed-length field matches the Material Type element.

    • The number of holds on the title and its attached records is greater than the number of holds specified in the Thresholds element. The system determines whether the number of holds meets this threshold as follows:

      • The sum of title and item holds is divided by the number of items attached to the bibliographic record.

      • If there are volume records attached, the sum of volume and item holds is divided by the number of items attached to the volume record.

Data Elements

Entries in the Hold Thresholds table contain the following data elements:





Pickup Location

A drop-down list of your library's hold pickup locations from the Display Name element of the Hold Pickup Locations table.

The MLN2 libraries include the wildcard: <SYS> System-Wide Threshold.

The <SYS> System-Wide Threshold wildcard indicates that the entry applies not to any specific pickup location, but to the library system as a whole. The system only applies <SYS> threshold values when you run a System-Wide Thresholds report, and it calculates the System-Wide Thresholds report using only the threshold values specified for <SYS> entries. If you want to generate System-Wide Threshold reports, the table must contain at least one <SYS> entry.

Material Type

A drop-down list of your library's material types defined in the Material Types table. This list also includes a * All MAT TYPEs wildcard entry, which represents all material types.


The number of concurrent holds that must be present on a title for the title to appear in the High-Demand Holds report. The threshold value indicates the number of holds on each item or volume of the associated material type at the associated pickup location that is considered acceptable and therefore does not require scrutiny. When the number of holds reaches or exceeds its associated threshold, the system includes the title and its number of holds in the appropriate High-Demands Holds report(s).

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