Email Subject Table (Admin>Parameters>Circulations - Sierra)

This documentation explains the Email Subject table's functionality and data elements.

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Email Subject Table Overview

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

View the Email Subject Table by going to Admin, Parameters, Circulation, Email Subject in Sierra

Marmot uses the Email Subject table to create alternate subject lines for circulation notices that are sent by email to your library patrons. You can assign a subject to emailed circulation notices when selecting notice parameters. If you do not specify an email subject, the system uses the default subject line from the Notices: E-mail notice information circulation option.

Functionality Information

When viewing and modifying the Email Subject table, note the following:

  • Maximum Number of Entries

    • The Email Subject table can contain a maximum of 500 entries.

  • Multi-lingual Systems and Preferred Patron Languages

    • At multi-lingual sites, you can enter a different translation for each email subject in the languages used by your library. If your library has the Preferred Patron Language feature enabled, the system can then generate subject lines in the preferred language of the patron.

    • This works in conjunction with the Notice Preference.  If your Spanish-speaking patrons would prefer to have their email notices in Spanish instead of English, you will need to work with Marmot’s ILS Administrator to set up these notices.  Libraries must be able to translate their notice information from English to Spanish. (note that adding additional languages to a Sierra system incurs a cost)

Data Elements

Each entry in the Email Subject table consists of a single data element:





Subject Text

The subject of the email that is sent to a patron. The subject line for the email (maximum of 75 characters). At multi-lingual sites, the system repeats this element for each language enabled on your system.

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