Predefined Charges Table (Admin>Parameters>Circulation - Sierra)

This documentation explains the functionality of the Predefined Charges table and the data elements.

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Predefined Charges Table Overview

You can contact the Marmot Help Desk for help if you cannot view this table.

View the Predefined Charges Table by going to Admin, Parameters, Circulation, Predefined Charges in Sierra

The Predefined Charges table lists the amounts and descriptions of standard manual charges that your library applies to patron records. The system displays these predefined charges when you add a manual charge to a patron's record.

Functionality Information

When viewing and modifying the Predefined Charges table, note the following:

Maximum Number of Entries

  • The Predefined Charges table can contain a maximum of 100 entries.

  • Marmot staff will enter these predefined charges for your library

Data Elements

Entries in the Predefined Charges table contain the following data elements:






The amount of the charge, between 0.00 and 9,999.99.


A description for the charge (up to 100 characters).

To have a Predefined charged added for MLN1 or MLN2 libraries, contact Marmot staff.

Add Charge dropdown in the Fines tab for MLN1 libraries

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