PC Reservation User's Guide

Here are the basics for using PC Reservation.

Click here for Troubleshooting tips.

Table of Contents

Make a Reservation

  • Click on Make a Reservation

  • Enter the Patron’s card number

  • Select the appropriate Area

  • Select Make Reservation

View Reservations

  • This setting allows you to see what reservation have been made.

View PC Status

  • This area allows you to see the current status of machines

  • You can also mark a machine as “Out of Service”

    • Select machine from the list

    • Click the box next to Mark as Out of Service

    • Click Finished

View History

  • You can view user history

  • History is cleared out each night

Make Guest Pass

  • You can make any number of guest passes

  • Guest passes have expiration dates. Contact Marmot to find out how long Guest Passes are valid.

Contact Marmot for the Following

  • Change PC schedule

  • Moving a machine to a different area/branch

  • Changes to sessions

    • Length of individual sessions

    • Total daily length of time

  • Change wording on login screen