Search for Patrons Records (Sierra)

You can find your patron’s record in Sierra by several different options. This document explains all the different ways to bring up a patron’s record.

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Options for Searching for a Patron’s Record

Click on Check-Out (Circulation Desk) from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the Sierra program.

There are several options to bring up the patron’s record.  

  • Scan the patron's barcode.  Type in the patron’s barcode number as well.

  • Type the letter “n” and the patron’s last name and first name. Typing the letter “n” helps Sierra understand what index you want to search.   

Since Sierra is a shared system with all Marmot members, you may find a patron with the same name at multiple locations.

Note: If your display does not look the same, you can contact Marmot to make changes to your Sierra login.


If you accidentally click on the patron for the wrong location, the system will give you a message that the patron is not registered at this location. You would need to do the search again and click on the patron for your library.

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Search by Patron Barcode

Click on the Search box to bring up the Find a patron screen and use the dropdown menu.

  • Search by the b PATRON BARCODE

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Search by Patron Name

  • Search by the n NAME

    • Type the patron’s last name and first name when using the n Name dropdown. Note: you do not have to type the letter “n” before the patron’s last name because Sierra knows to use the “n” Name index to search for the patron.

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Search by Patron Unique ID

  • Search by the u ID (unique ID)

    • The u ID can be used for patron driver’s license numbers, student IDs, or other identification that will allow the library staff to look up a patron.

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Search by Patron Family ID

  • Search by  f FAMILY ID

    • The Family ID is associated with Linked Patrons in Sierra. Unfortunately, you cannot view this information on a record. If needed, you can find this type of ID using Create Lists.

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Search by Patron Phone Number or Email Address

  • Search by the w PHONE, EMAIL

    • You can search for a patron’s record by phone number or email address. Note: if family members share a home phone number or an email address, you will get all the patrons that have the information on their account. Also, if a patron has records for multiple libraries all their records will display as well.

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Search by Patron Birth Date

  • Search by the w  BIRTH DATE

    • The birth date is not something that can easily be searched. The birth date in this index search is associated with the variable fields in the patron record. 

Normally, the birth date is listed in the fixed field of a patron record. However, the Birth Date index is based on the patron variable field.

In order to be able to search the patron’s birth date, this information would need to be added to the variable field of the patron record. You would need to edit the patron’s record to insert the variable birth date field.

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Search by Patron Record Number

  • Search by .RECORD #.  

    • Each patron record is randomly assigned a patron record number whenever a patron record is created.

The patron number can be viewed in the patron's record to make sure it is the correct patron. Click on the View icon located under the FUNCTION Check Out (Circulation Desk)

A box will pop up with View Patron Record. The patron number is displayed in two places.

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Search for Patron Using Recent Patrons

  • Another way to search for a patron record is by using the Recent Patrons 

    • This will only work once a patron record has been opened in Sierra on a specific computer. 

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