Linked Patrons (Sierra)

Linking patrons occurs when two or more patrons give consent for their library items to be checked out on their behalf by somebody else.  Linked patrons may be used to link family groups, university graduate assistants, or for any other purpose deemed useful by your library. Using this option is a local decision.

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Linking Two Patrons

The Check Out (Circulation Desk) function displays the patron record. Click the Linked Patrons tab. Click the Link button.

Once you click the Link button a Search for Patron screen will appear.  Search for the Patron record to link to the original patron record.

If you use the dropdown menu and search by name, make sure to select the patron for your library. Patrons with the same name will display for your library and other Marmot member libraries as well. If you use the patron barcode, this should get you directly to the correct patron record.

Once the correct patron has been selected, you will see the original patron and the linked patron both listed.  The Linked Patron tab will have the number 2 for both patrons.

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Moving Between Linked Patrons - Go To Patron Button

Select the desired linked patron by highlighting the appropriate line. Click the Go To Patron button to retrieve a linked patron record. You will be at the patron record for that linked patron. You can check out, pay fines, and all other functions associated with the patron record.

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Unlinking Two Patrons

At a patron record, go to the Linked Patrons tab.  Select the patron to unlink.  Click the Unlink button to remove the link.

A popup warning box will appear that the patrons will be unlinked and the group deleted from the system. Click OK.

Once the added linked patron or the original linked patron are removed, the Linked Patrons tab will display as zero.

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Linking Multiple Patrons

You can continue to use the Link button to link more patrons.


Note: if you link Patron A to Patron B who is already linked to multiple patrons (Patrons C-E), all the patrons are automatically linked to each other.

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Unlinking Multiple Patrons

If you go to unlink one of the patrons that are not the original patron, you will not get a warning message. The patron will just be removed.

If you remove the original linked person then all the other linked patrons will automatically be unlinked.  You will get the WARNING pop-up box. 

Once you click OK, all the linked patrons will be removed. Once the original linked patron is unlinked, you will see that the Linked Patrons are zero

Note: If you click on all of the Linked Patrons and click Unlink the patrons will no longer be linked to each other. You will get the Warning popup box when you click on all of the linked patrons on the account.  Click OK, if you want to continue to unlink the patrons. 

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