Change Patron Expiration Date (Global Update)

Below is a simple example of how to change the expiration date for a group of patrons using Global Update. This can be done when you have a list of patrons in a review file created using Create Lists.  Create a review file of patrons that need to have their expiration date changed.  

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Global Update Change Patron Expiration Date Process

Go to Global Update from the Function drop-down menu.

The Bibliographic record type is the default, but we are looking for a list of Patrons.

We are going to uncheck the Record Type Bibliographic, and check the box for Patron.

We change the drop-down menu from Index to Review.

You can either type the number of the review file or use the drop-down menu to get a list of review files.

The default search is Patron Name.  This will show all your patron’s names.  We are going to change the Search to Expiration Date.

To change the search toggle go to Tools, Toggle, Patron Fixed-Length Fields, and Exp Date (Expiration Date).

Depending on how the search strategy was constructed in Create Lists will depend on how the patron expiration dates are displayed. For example, if the search was for patrons who all have the same expiration date, then the display will show them all on a single line, like this:

If there are multiple expiration dates in your list of patrons, then the display will show many lines, like this:

Double-click on any listed EXP DATE (expiration date) to display the records associated with that date.  You can click on any of these records to view the information.  Only records selected here will be changed.

Once you have selected records, click on the Command input tab.  This will bring up the Choose Command Type box. The Change variable-length field is the default Command Choice.

Expiration Date is a Fixed Field, so we are going to choose the Command Choice of Change fixed-length field. Click OK.

The Change Fixed-length Field(New Command) box will appear.  The Fixed-length field will default to 43 EXP DATE, so you do not need to make any changes.  

To see other choices, double-click on the inside of the box for the Fixed-length field.  This will bring up the Select Me box with all the available fixed field choices.

Since EXP DATE can have many choices, it is best to change the Find field to <any>.  Change the Replace field to the new expiration date for all the patrons in the Create Lists review file.  

The date format is dd-mm-yyyy.

Once the information in the Find and Replace fields are entered.  Click OK to create the Command input.

This will add the Command under Action.  Clicking on the command line will make the Add, Delete, Edit, Duplicate, and Clear buttons active.

Click on the Preview tab to see a listing of what will change in each record.  You can still uncheck any records that you do not want to change on this screen.

If all the changes look correct, click the Process button.

The Process Changes warning box will appear.  Click Yes to proceed.  Click No to stop the process.

The Statistics tab will automatically show the Cataloging Global Update Summary.  The menu shows how many records changed, how many records did not change, how many records are busy. 

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