Printer Issues

Below are the most common printer-related issues. If you still have issues after following the recommendations, please call the Marmot Helpdesk for further assistance.

Printer Issues

  • If a public computer is not showing a printer, reboot the machine.

  • If no public computers are able to print, reboot the Print Engine.

  • If PDFs are slow to print, make sure the default for opening a PDF is Adobe and not a browser.

  • Known issues with no current resolution: 

    • Adobe prints in color despite OS printer settings being B & W

  • If this is a network printer, check the printer LCD screen for error messages.

    • These might indicate a paper jam, the toner is low, or that paper is low.

    • Double-click on the printer icon to view print jobs for the printer.

    • Try deleting all the jobs and try printing again.

    • The Marmot Help Desk will need the location and model of the printer.

  • If this is a local printer attached directly to a computer, please check to make sure that all cords connected to the printer and computer are securely attached.

    • If there are no lights on the printer, try pressing the power button.

    • The Marmot Help Desk will need the name of the computer that the printer is attached, or the model and location of a network printer.

    • Also record the brand name and model number of the printer.

  • If the problem is with a shared printer, another possibility is that your computer is not logged on properly.

    • Marmot Help Desk sets up all Marmot computers to bypass this screen and automatically logon to Windows.

    • It is possible that the auto-logon will not work on your computer. In this case, you may need to click on “Ok” or press enter to logon to Windows.

    • If that doesn’t work it will be necessary for you to enter the correct logon information.

    • The Marmot Help Desk can supply your logon information.

If you are still having problems and are an IT Service member, please contact the Marmot Help Desk for further assistance.

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