Prompting for Templates (Record Templates)

A template defines the information that will be included in a new record.  Record templates can be used for almost every record type. You should have a template defined for a record type in order to create a record.  In order to make sure you get the correct template when a record is created, make sure the New Record settings are correct in Sierra.

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This is where you control how Sierra will act regarding templates when you create a record manually.

Open and log in to Sierra

Go to Admin|Settings

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New Records Tab

The New Records tab is the default tab.  This is where the information about prompting is located.

Towards the bottom of the New Records tab is the New Record Templates section.

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Prompting for Templates Definitions

Prompt for template - The system prompts you to select from the list of your preferred templates the first time you create a record in each Sierra session.  Available templates appear in alphabetical order by template code.  This choice remains in effect for the duration of the session.

Always prompt for template - The system prompts you to select a template for each new record you create.

Pick a specific template - This will always be the template used, and the system will not prompt for a different template.  With this setting, you have to come back to the New Records tab screen to change the template.

You can set all New Record Templates settings to Always prompt for template when you have multiple Preferred Templates.  If you only have one template for a record type, you can use the Prompt for template option.  If you have a specific template, you can choose that template to show up every time you create a new record. 

To change the default settings in the current and subsequent sessions, choose Save Settings and OK.  To change settings for the current session only, choose OK.  This works in conjunction with the Preferred Record Templates.

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