Record View Properties (Sierra Setup)

This setting allows you to change what kind of record appears as default when you search in Sierra. You can choose to view bibliographic or attached records depending on your needs. Users may want to select different types of records depending on the task they are working on.

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Go to the Catalog Function.

  • Under the View menu, choose Record View Properties.

  • The Record View Properties box will appear.

  • To view attached records set Record type to b BIBLIOGRAPHIC. Choose Summary in Retrieval View, and select the type of attached record in Summary View.


    • After making your selection, click Apply, and Save.


  • To get bibliographic records, choose Edit or View in Retrieval View. The selection in Summary View doesn’t matter because this won’t open the Summary tab.


    • After making your setting, click Apply, and Save.


The Save Successful box will appear. Click OK.


Click the Quit or X to close out the Record View Properties box.

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