(E) Load CMU, COM7 file [msgov7]

  • This is a load profile for loading Gov Docs records for CMU, COM7 from OCLC

  • The label in Data Exchange is (D) Load CMU, COM7 file [msgov7]

  • On the Sierra server it is called m2btab.msgov7

Table of Contents


Bib and item records will be created.

“o” index

Looks for a match in the o index, which includes 001 and 019.

0 matches: Insert new bib

1 match: Overlay existing bib

2 matches: Insert new bib

Variable (retain both incoming and target data)

  • Field group: h LIB HAS

  • Field group: k TOC DATA

    • MARC tags: 970, 971

  • Field group: m LOAD NOTE

    • MARC tags: 995

  • Field group: n NOTE

    • MARC tags: 583

  • Field group: v LOCAL INFO

    • MARC tags: 590

  • Field group: y MISC

    • MARC tags: 948, 958

Variable (retain only target data)

  • Field group: v LOCAL INFO

    • MARC tags: 590, 690, 691, 856





Bib: cucuege

Item: cuege

The template settings only take effect if that field is not defined in any other way by the record load.

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