(B) Load a non-OCLC MARC file [msc]

  • This is a load profile for loading non-OCLC bibliographic MARC records

  • The label in Data Exchange is (B) Load a non-OCLC MARC file [msc]

  • On the Sierra server it is called m2btab.msc

Table of Contents


Bib and item records will be created.

First: 020a

Second: 022

This will first look for matches in 020a. If it does not find any matching 020a fields, then it will check 022.


/^999||t|0|10| | |0|n|G|0|#com="ov"@ov_tag="i(020)v:i(022)i"

0 matches: Insert new bib

1 match: Attach item only (no overlay, insert 995)

2 matches: Reject


|||0|0| | |0|n|G|0|@ov_action="c"

All fields are protected because this loader will never overlay a bib

It will only insert a new bib or attach an item to an existing bib (and insert a 995)

Bib: tapeb

Item: tapei

These are the default templates in Marmot loaders. The template settings only take effect if that field is not defined in any other way by the record load.


/^999||o|0|20| | |0|n|G|0|#com="dflt"@dflt="tapeb,tapei"

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