Communicating to your patrons

Key Messages

  • Passwords are coming on March 28.

  • Passwords are for patrons' benefit.

    • Libraries have a long tradition of taking extraordinary measures to ensure the privacy of those who use library facilities and access library materials

    • A password provides an extra layer of security that patrons will use for accessing their library account online.

    • Passwords are for more than keeping your reading history private.  PII such as personal contact information can be more easily accessed without passwords in place - information that has the potential to result in identity theft.

  • Passwords will be easy to manage. Patrons will have a default password, and when they log into Pika on or after March 28, they will be prompted to reset this default password. Passwords must six alpha-numeric characters.

  • Patrons should treat their library card just like a credit card.  A library account unprotected by a password could be used by bad actors to check out materials for which patrons will be responsible, resulting in replacement fees if those items aren’t returned. 

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