Sierra Web Access and Information

To access Sierra Web, you must have a valid user account. Sierra Web uses the same user accounts as the Sierra Desktop Application.

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Accessing Sierra via a Web Browser

  • All Marmot members can only have 60 simultaneous users for Sierra Web at one time.

  • It is a web-based alternative to the Sierra desktop client.

  • Sierra Web is a great option for access to Sierra staff functions when you are using a mobile device, especially iOS devices where the Sierra Desktop Client cannot be installed.

  • Sierra Web does use one of your user licenses.

  • Access Sierra Web at

  • Click on the Connect to Sierra Services link.

Welcome to Sierra Web
  • You would log in with your Sierra login and password.  Contact Marmot if you do not have a login.

Sierra Web login screen includes username and password.

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Sierra Web Functionality

Most Sierra Desktop actions are available within Sierra Web. Your settings, preferences, and permissions will carry over from the Sierra Desktop client. 

System Requirements

  • The latest version of the Google Chrome browser

Sierra Web functions best when accessed through the Google Chrome browser.

  • A standard computer set up with a keyboard and mouse or a tablet running a recent iOS version

  • Broadband or better bandwidth

Logging Out

  • When running Sierra Web it is not recommended to exit by either closing the browser tab or browser window.  This will not release the license associated with the login.  

  • To exit use the File | Exit from the upper right side of the program.

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Differences between SDA and Sierra Web

  • The browser environment behaves differently than the SDA in some instances.

    • You cannot edit currency numbers in the correct order in Sierra Web.  You have to edit the numbers on either side of the decimal to make changes to the currency information.  

    • You cannot select multiple variable-length fields with Sierra Web.  Use the Ctrl key and select individual fields in Sierra Web. Holding the left mouse button and dragging does not work.

    • You cannot use the arrow keys to move quickly through the editable fields in a record with Sierra Web. You can use the tab(forward) and <shift>+Tab (reverse)instead.

    • Using macros in Sierra Web will work differently.  A few of the keys are reserved for Sierra Web.  You will not be able to use the following keys for macros in Sierra Web (F1, F3, F5, F6, F8, F10, F11, F12, ALT+F4, ALT+F6, CTRL+F4, CTRL+F5, SHIFT+F3, SHIFT+F5).  Also, note that some of the shortcuts will work differently in Sierra Web as well. The Ctrl+N will create a new record in SDA. In Sierra Web, it will open a new browser window.  The Ctrl+T will move forward from one tab to another in a bib record display in SDA. In Sierra Web, it will open a new tab.

    • When exporting records from a review file there is not an option to name the output file when using Sierra Web.  However, you can rename it once it has been downloaded from the browser.

    • In Sierra Web, you can use multiple windows only in the Cataloging function.

    • When printing using Sierra Web, the browser, and browser settings control the output. If the login has a local printer assigned it will appear in the list as Browser Printer.   The format will display as Html Table.

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Troubleshooting Sierra Web

Logins are case-sensitive

  • Some iOS devices will automatically capitalize the first letter of your login.  Logins must be lower case in Sierra.  You can usually backspace over the capital letter and type a lower-case letter instead. You may have success in disabling the auto-capitalization feature on your iOS device, in some cases, you must disable this feature for both the device and for any external keyboards. Contact Marmot if you need assistance to reset your password.

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