DPLA Ingest Process for Marmot Digital Archive

This document describes how data is exported from the Marmot Digital Archive to DPLA (Digital Public Library of America).

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Process and reading the JSON output

Use Firefox (use the latest version so the information can be viewed in JSON form) and browse to the following URL : https://opac.marmot.org/API/ArchiveAPI?method=getDPLAFeed

  1. Pika retrieves this information from Islandora in a format that DPLA requested.  

  2. This works in conjunction with the Pika Options in Islandora when the Include in DPLA drop down is set to Yes.

This returns the total number of results and pages.

All records by library are also listed.  The corresponding numbers for each library account for how many objects individual libraries shared with DPLA.

The included collections section lists all of the collections that are included in the export.  

The docs section contains individual object data from each collection.

The Subjects that are included in the DPLA feed display within the archive record in Pika. The display order of subjects is:

  1. Subjects

  2. Owning library

  3. Related people (not publishers)

  4. Related organizations (not publishers)

  5. Related events

Publisher and related places are not included in the exported subjects because they are exported in other fields.

Currently, the page shows 100 docs starting with the number zero.  If you want to increase or decrease the number, you would add &pageSize= and a number to the end of the URL.

To specify a page the parameter &page= page number is added to the end of the URL.  Otherwise, the first page will always be shown.

The global information will remain the same such as numResults, numPages and recordsByLibrary.  The difference will be the display of the docs listed starting on the page that was chosen.

To limit this information to any library the parameter is &namespace= followed by your library’s namespace. Here is a list of library name spaces.

The general information will only include numbers and docs associated with that library’s name space. However, the Included collections section will still list all the member collections.

Use the Filter JSON box to find information about individual objects.

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